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We have done extensive field testing using our Wyoming County Whitetail deer scents – Scents that are tested and certified.RT-QuLC Tested

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Clifford Bailey - Deer Hunting

2023 – I killed the deer i was after and used Wyoming County Whitetail deer urine on the scrape he was headed for. 
~ Clifford Bailey, KEO Vlogs.

Clifford Bailey Testimonial For Deer Scent Products from Wyoming County Whitetail

I shot a nice buck this week hunting over a scrape with your deer urine in it.
~ Clifford Bailey, KEO Vlogs.

See Hunting Video HERE



More from Clifford Bailey, NY


Nick Scott from ENGRAVED OUTDOORS got this buck in Wyoming County, NY
using Wyoming County Whitetail deer scents!

Check out Nick’s video on Youtube!


Nick Scott - Deer Hunting
Nick Scott - Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting
“I used a spray bottle of synthetic doe in heat on the deer trail. I walked 500 feet in and when I came back I sprayed the DIH on the ground every 20 feet, stopped 150 feet from where I planned to sit. I use Wyoming County Whitetail synthetics every year with great results. They are miraculous! “
~ Pierre-Luc

QC Canada

While on a hunt in Missouri, this buck was searching and throwing his nose up after scenting WCW’s doe in heat urine.
~ Steve


Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting
Your product has seemed to do the trick for my friends and I for a few years now. The one buck followed my boot tracks, with your doe in heat scent, pretty much right to my stand. Only in the stand 25 minutes that day!
~ Travis

2022 – Guy Netterville from Hammond, LA

2022 – Daniel Netterville from Hammond, LA

I thoroughly enjoy being in the woods! I immediately noticed a more realistic deer scent vs the store bought on the shelf for months scent at retailers. This buck followed the path I walked with your estrous and buck in rut scent. 

        ~  Timothy Lamonds

Used my product I ordered from y’all and this nice buck followed my scent drag line all the way to the stand.

         ~ Robert Edwards


“This is the best product on the market and if you have a big buck on camera this will bring him out in the daylight to give you that perfect shot you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Eric, South Carolina 



~ Noah, Kansas bow hunt 2020







~ Mike from PA, 2020












“Dan Santana aka Dan the Tile Man.
~ It works. Brings them in.”















I have been hunting whitetails for 23 years and have shot many deer in those years and some really nice bucks along the way. I work all year at it and grind through the seasons after mature bucks. It is tough to stay consistent in New York when hunting mature bucks, but wow, what a product I stumbled on!!! This year has been one of my best seasons. I have had many encounters with nice bucks and that is with hunting the least amount that I can ever remember thanks to Wyoming County Whitetail deer urine. I use a combo of the buck urine and the doe in heat and that combo allowed me to arrow the biggest buck of my life and then not long after my wife shot her first deer after 3 seasons of hunting with a beautiful 8 point with the crossbow after multiple encounters that even the most experienced hunters don’t get. This was due to the doe in heat urine……I capped the season off with a nice 8 point. Again, I threw the doe in heat urine from the stand around me and it didn’t take long and I harvested the biggest buck I have shot with my muzzleloader! A big thanks to Sue and her family.

  ~ Chris and Mindy Whitmore, New York, 2020




Kurtis Rinker



















Austin, New York


This 9 point came from my same stand in the catskills. He was the only deer I saw that am (10am with 10” of new snow) he came in alone with his nose to the ground and intensively looking for that doe!
Thank You!
   ~ Scott Wootton

Wyoming County Whitetail Product Success - Testimonial-Buck-2020

Hi Susan,

Here is the results! Great product!


   ~ Jim Savarino


Thank you so much!! The bucks are really chasing here now and I have used your scents for several years. The first time I used it I had a buck run right to the base of my tree and look at me through the base of my tree stand for a minute before taking off. The next time I used it I did a circle around my tree and left the scent I was dragging out away from me and shot my first 8 point with his nose to the ground. He only ran maybe 20 feet after the arrow hit him and he turned around and started walking back. That was the end!!

  ~  Jason



I am so grateful for your products they are absolutely the best I’ve ever used which is why I keep coming back year after year.  This  Pic is from 2017 opening day, from the Catskills nice 9 PT.

   ~ Scott, Williamson, NY

Deer 11-7-19

Scott, Williamson, NY


From Chris, NY  (2019)

2019-Hunting Picture Using Deer Scents from Wyoming County Whitetail

I really like this product and I recommend it to all my hunting friends. The most importantly, the deer love it and it creates very successful hunts.
~  Mehmed, Norwell, MA

Hunting Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Scents

” I bought a 4 oz bottle of doe in heat from Wyoming County Whitetail and hung tampons soaked with the urine on opening day of shotgun 2018. I watched this buck walked right past a doe whom he completely ignored. He came right up to the tampons and offered me a great shot.”
~ Brent Henson, NY

Hunting Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Scents




Hunting Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Scents




This buck was taken in downstate NY with Wyoming County Whitetail’s doe in heat urine.   ~ Brent Henson.






“Just to let you know, your product is amazing. The buck urine has produced results better than any I’ve used. Friends and family have been asking where I purchased it. I’ve used many, but this is hands down the freshest. My bucks have been going crazy since I received it. Just this morning one of two of the brutes on a small acreage tore my mock scrape up at first light (no shot as he got out to 60). Your product will definitely be my go to every year.”

  ~ Brent, Oxford, Nebraska (2019)







“Have been a customer of Wyoming County Whitetail for about 15 years now and really appreciate the great product, pricing and especially the service. It’s a real value-add that I can wait right up until the best hunting starts here in Wisconsin, place my order and know it will be at my house in 2-3 days. Just wanted to says thanks!”
~  Mike Boucher

“Hello Wyoming County Whitetail, I am a returning customer from two years ago. I am happy to have access to your quality product once again because I have used what I have purchased from you enough to know that it is the only product/urine that I trust to hunt with here in North Carolina. Here in Cabarrus County the whitetails are under very high levels of hunting pressure and will not tolerate any unnatural scent or human scent contamination and your product has proven to be a very useful tool making mock scrapes along with enhancing naturally occurring ones. In an area where few other attractants work at best or spook the deer at worst your product consistently produces good results.”  ~ Brian Hatley  (Nov. 2018)

Mehmed, Norwell, MA

Ryan, Ontario, Canada

Wyoming County White Tail Deer Scents

My buck came into your doe in heat at 40 yards put his noise on it and gave me a GREAT shot with my crossbow! Gross score was 160 7/8!!   ~ Paulo Koroniwsky


I’m back because it works! Pulled in a lot of deer last year and they came right at the urine I put it.  Thanks
~ Mike








Wisconsin Deer










South Texas Deer Hunt



South Texas Deer Hunt Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Scents













…three bucks that we shot in Cotulla (South Texas) on the same afternoon during the rut. Your pee was on each road where these bucks were taken. That’s me with the cull 8 pt. in the first picture. Weston Butler shot the big 9 with the drop tine (168 B&C). Greg Butler shot the wide 9. The Butler Boys and their Uncle Duncan are who Todd & I go hunting with each year during the rut. We use up about 3 gallons of your stuff during a 5 day hunt each year!

                                                             ~  Virgil






South Texas Deer Hunt Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer ScentsSouth Texas Deer Hunt Using Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Scents







20141108_174257 4624212325F3CC92D 20131109_121437

20131109_132236 Wadeandhisbuck11-18-13(1)

2012deerseason019 2011Nov16thrutusingestrus



This is one of the P&Y bucks I have taken in the last few years using your Doe in Heat Urine with our scent dispersal method. This buck was taken in Will County, Illinois in November 2009, coming to the scent, shot at 13 yards…Thanks again for the best deer urine on the market…  ~  Alex Billings, Harrison, Arkansas

What can I say!! I got the doe in heat on Thursday and shot this big boy Friday night, 41 yds double lung shot. You guys are the greatest, there are no words…   ~  Franki Barca (2009)

See Franki’s buck from 2008 which is 7 photos below this one.

s_1305128457This is a true giant whitetail that was taken in Orleans County, NY while using your scent. My father harvested this seventeen pointer on November 18th of the 2009 bow season, with turning the buck around because it caught the scent of your doe in heat lure. The buck’s gross score is 197-2″ and the net score of it is 189-2″ with it being the biggest ever shot in Orleans County. I myself use the lure and we would like to thank you for the sucess it has provided us…   ~  Steve and Mike Biernacki.





Virgil sent us this picture of a buck he shot in 2010 using our scents. “This is a lifetime buck for me and I could not be happier.”

See the three photos below which Virgil has sent us previously from Texas as well as the videos on the “watch videos” on the left of this page on our site which Virgil kindly took the time to send us showing bucks going after scent wicks drenched with our doe in heat urine.   ~  Thanks Virgil

This is the second buck Pierre-Luc has shot using our scents. He writes “I killed my buck today, a 7 pointer at 170 pounds. Thanks for your urine.”   ~  Pierre-Luc Veilleux, Quebec, Canada. (2009)






Thank you so much for an incredible product! I will be ordering again next year and so will several of my friends who were scepticle at first. My wife shot her largest buck to date and my 15 year old son took his first buck with his bow and then one with his rifle. I took a 140 inch 8 pointer. Your scents made our deer season a very memorable one to say the least! All the deer we took came straight to the scent wicks, scent bombs, and drag rags that we had applied your Doe in Heat scent to and touched their noses to it! I’ve deer hunted for 28 years and have never seen a scent work as well as yours! Absolutely incredible! I can’t thank you enough!   ~  Kody Lucas, Edgar Springs, MO. (2010)


Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a great product! It arrived Wednesday as promised. I laid down a scent trail of doe in heat urine this morning and hung the drag in a tree in front of me. I was not in the woods an hour when this buck came running in, nose on the ground, and presented a perfect broadside shot at 12 yards. The rest, as they say, is history. Look forward to using your product in the future!!  ~  Gian Boveri, Bronx, NY (2010)

s_1305127843The doe urine I purchased from you folks just a few weeks back worked its magic again. I shot this nice 6 point Saturday, October 30 about 0800 hours. He came in downwind, caught the scent of where I had sprayed your product up a shooting lane and followed it right in and past my stand, which set up a 25 yd quartering away shot. 6 points, 15 1/2 spread, 173 pounds dressed.

Thank you Wyo. Cty. Whitetails!  ~  Bob Telford (2010)




Bob Telford writes (October 2010)

Ordered with you last year and pulled a buck right into my stand off a doe he was tailing. Thanks!!!








I put your doe in heat urine in a scent bomb, hung it about 6ft off the ground. He came walking right into the cannister, put his nose up, took a few steps, and gave me a good slight quartering away shot. He ran about 65 yrds and that was it. This is my first big buck with a bow and I am looking forward to next year. – Frankie Barca, New Jersey (2008)


These 3 South Texas bucks were all harvested in the same afternoon in Dec. 2007. All 3 were shot on roads where HEAVY applications of doe in heat had been applied. The secret to using this product is VOLUME. We typically use 6 gallons of doe in heat between 6 guys on our annual 4 day rut hunt. I recommend putting out about a pint of product per hunt. If your human nose can smell it then you have got the amount right. I recommend putting about 24-36 super max tampons in a large zip lock bag and then soaking them down with the product like a marinade. I usually do this the night before and put it in the fridge so that it is ready to go for the morning hunt. At my hunting location I hang the tampons in brush along the roads about every 20 yards. I also carry with me a squirt bottle full of doe in heat and I squirt low lying brush and grass. After the hunt I pick up the tampons and put them back in the bag. (see next photo)


Back at camp I re-soak the tampons with doe in heat and reuse them for the next hunt. This is a very efficient way to use the product with less waste and you can set up for your hunt quickly. Wyoming County Whitetail’s product is so fresh whenever it shows up at my door it is the color of tea mixed with apple juice. Once the product is exposed to the air and heat it begins to age and the color will turn more like black coffee. It works fine once it has aged, but fresher is always better, so keep it refrigerated as much as possible. The first time I used this doe in heat I had doused down a road the night before at about 1 a.m. Because I had been up partying all night, I slept in a bit the next morning and wasn’t driving up to my location until after sun up. When I got to my spot I pushed about 15 bucks (many of which were mature)off the road as I was driving in. I parked my truck in font of my pop-up and left it running while I unloaded my gear. When I got back in my truck to move it away and park about 10 of the bucks were back on the road.(see next photo)


One of the bucks was a 4.5 year old 170 class 11 pt. There is video of that deer on this site under “click watch videos.” I have found that when you lay down large amounts of doe in heat urine during the rut the bucks are stuck there and they just can’t force themselves to leave. They may move off for 30-45 minutes, but they almost always come back and nose down the perimeter looking for that hot doe that just has to be nearby. I had hunted for 17 years before getting hooked on this stuff and only on a few occasions had I witnessed a buck making a scrape or two bucks fighting. I see those types of behavior all the time now and it is probably more uncommon for me not to see one or both of those rutting activities on every hunt. There are 3 other videos of mine posted on this site. All of the deer were on Wyoming County Whitetail doe in heat. The three bucks in the 3 pictures to the right of this testimonial scored 168, 152, and 133 B&C. King Wood Butler shot the BIG drop nine. Greg “Country” Butler shot the wide 9. That’s me with the 6.5 year old cull 8 – Virgil Alexander… Austin, Texas.







This 9 point was taken on an Iowa bow hunt in 2007 using Wyoming County Whitetail deer urine.


In November 2007 my father and I each shot a buck in Beauce (Quebec, Canada) using Wyoming County Whitetail doe in heat urine. These scents work great, because I had not seen a buck on my game camera before the season. With these scents, in the first day of our hunt, my father and I each killed 5 pointers (155 lbs and 165 lbs). On the first day of our hunt my father and I saw 3 different bucks, spike, 3 pointers, and 5 pointers!!!

Pierre-Luc Veilleux
Quebec, Canada





This is the other Canada buck described in the above testimonial and was shot by Pierre Veilleux.






Your product, 100% doe in heat urine is great. The best buck lure I have ever used. This (200 pound plus) buck is proof that your product brings in the BIG BUCKS! Keep up the good work. I’m really looking forward to another hunting season using your products.

Bob Sniadecki
New York


This 9 point buck followed the scent trail I put down through the woods using your doe in heat urine and came in to offer me a 15 yard shot.
Gerald Hartung
New York


My dad got this terrific buck in 2004 during shotgun season in Holland, New York. He always takes Wyoming County Whitetail doe urine in the woods with him when every he goes out hunting. He said that this buck was too far out for a good shot, but when the buck got a whiff of the doe urine he came in to investigate which gave my dad the chance at a great shot.

Austin – Java, New York


Scott and Sharon from North Carolina write:

Four bucks, one bottle. Two of hers and two of mine.


Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have taken six bucks this year using your product (estrus urine). We took three in black powder and three during the gun season. We have taken these deer off 50 acres of farm land and four of them from the same tree stand. I had one come in so fast my hearing device shut down. By the time I stood up he was under me with his nose stuck in the cedar tree which I had put the estrus urine on. Just wanted to say thanks and I have already had my friends start ordering.  Thanks again for a great season.

Scott and Sharon
North Carolina


“Sharon’s first buck.”
This was taken this year using Wyoming County Whitetail estrus urine.


Thank you to Scott and Sharon from North Carolina for sharing some of their pictures with us of their unbelievably successful 2005 hunting season. As you can see, we have four pictures in a row of bucks which they shot in 2005 using our estrus urine. It is great to hear back from our customers and hear of their deer hunting successes using our whitetail deer urine products.

Thank you again, Scott and Sharon!

Anyone else interested in sending us testimonials and/or pictures of bucks which were taken using our deer scents please email or call us. We would love to hear from you!

Susan Ebert,
Wyoming County Whitetail Deer Farm


I took this nice buck in the 2005 hunting season using Wyoming County Whitetail fresh buck urine. This is the second buck which I took this season using these deer scents and they work fantastic! I plan to use Wyoming County Whitetail scents when ever I go deer hunting from now on.

Holland, New York


This buck was taken in Java, New York using Wyoming County Whitetail doe in heat urine in 2007.


I have been using Wyoming County Whitetail urines for years. While out bow hunting this season I spotted a doe walking past my stand. A few minutes later I also spotted a nice 10 point buck walking by. I was wondering why the buck seemed to not be following the same path taken by the doe when I realized that he was actually following the drag line that I had made using Wyoming County Whitetail doe in heat urine earlier that day. This buck was actually more intereted in the scent from my drag line than he was in the doe that had just passed through! I was amazed. What more could you ask for in a deer urine?

West Seneca, New York

In November 2008 my brother and I used your doe in heat scent with great results. We bagged two nice 8 pointers opening day of gun season. We placed drippers and bombs all around your stands the day before the hunt and had great results! Wyoming County Whitetail scents work like a magnet! We ordered 2 gallons for the upcoming 2009-10 season. If you want to bag a buck, you should order some scent today…

Ricky Bates, Huntsville, Alabama

I just wanted to let you know that someone at your operation is doing it right. My buddies and I have used a competitors deer urine for many years. Another friend bought yours this year. I had only one deer come in with the old stuff and he had 16 respond to yours! So while I ordered the buck urine for this season you can expect my doe urine order next year!

Regards, Joe Riordon. (2009)

This past fall my son asked me if I would like to split the cost of a half gallon of doe in heat urine from Wyoming County Whitetail. My son told me had had heard about your product from his friend who had had some success with it in the past. I am 52 years old and I have been successfully hunting whitetail deer with shotgun and bow for 36 years. It is a passion that I am addicted to and have passed my deer addiction down to both of my sons. I have spent thousands of dollars on just about every whitetail scent, lure, attractant, and urine product to hit the market over my 36 years of deer hunting. I have killed many deer over the years, but I can not attribute my success to any of the scent, lure, or urine products I have used until this year. On the evening of Nov 3, 2009 I decided to bow hunt one of my stands on a mountain ridge that I had not hunted for about 2 weeks. On my way to my stand I sprayed your Doe in Heat product all along the trail I walked to my stand. The evening was uneventful until around 10 minutes before dark. Sitting in my stand I heard what I thought were turkeys worked their way towards my stand. I can not express to you how surprised I was to see a nice 6 point buck walk into the open at about 33 yds with his nose to the ground, totally entranced by the scent of your Doe in Heat urine. I shot the buck and he only ran a short distance before expiring. I got down from my stand and walked to where the buck went down to confirm that he was indeed dead after which I started to walk out to my truck on the same trail that I walked in on to get my 4 wheeler to bring my buck out. As I walked along the trail I could not believe what I saw. There were 4 fresh scrapes along the the trail, complete with licking branches that the buck made as he followed the Doe in Heat urine scent trail to my stand. That was the noise in the leaves I had mistaken for turkeys scratching as I sat in my stand. I called my son to come up help me load up the buck and he could not believe that your product had worked so well. We have used your product in mock scrapes and my son has sat on stand watching bucks just start going nuts over your Doe in Heat urine scent in the scrapes.

On the opening morning of our shotgun season I gave a small bottle of your DIH urine to my hunting buddy. I told him how to use it and off he went. About 2 hours after sun up he watched a 4 point buck cut diagonal off the top of the mountain heading down into heavy cover. He watched as the buck hit the urine trail he had laid down, changed direction, and followed it right up to him. He killed the buck at 30 yards.

I just wanted to write to you guys to thank you for putting out such a great product. Without your product I am sure that we would not have had the success we did. I can not believe that I finally purchased a Doe in Heat product that actually worked. Thank you again.

Ron from NY. (2009)

I have always been a believer in Wyoming County Whitetail deer urines. I am an avid hunter and I always take these scents out with me when I go hunting. I have had great success with using their buck urine in mock scrapes. This season I shot a fantastic 8 point buck which came in to my mock scrape which I had made within shooting distance of my stand. This big guy was interested in only one thing, checking out the buck urine I had used, and offerred me a fantastic shot. These fresh deer scents from Wyoming County Whitetail work awesome.

Java, New York

I made a purchase of one quart of your doe in heat urine. It arrived as promised. I think you need better feedback on how well this product works. I live in Michigan, the most pressured state for deer hunting. The first night of receiving your product I used the dropper that you sent (thank you) and laid a 100 yard trail to my stand. I then left the area and hunted the next morning. I used 8 drops to freshen the scent in the morning. The results were a 4 point buck with his nose to the ground following exactly the path I laid, and less than 15 minutes later a wide racked 6 point on the very same trail. I have used other products, but none compares to yours!! I’m glad I came across your website and yes I will order again next year, and every year I deer hunt. I can’t say enough how much confidence I have in your product.

Thank you,
David Keffer
Belleville, MI